Stem cell therapy center

            Stem cells, also known as origin cells, are newborn cells, ready to grow, duplicate themselves, and mature into other functional cells. This modality of treatment has become a new hope of medical and veterinary science for treating multiple severe and chronic diseases. The implanted stem cells are aimed to help adjacent cells or tissues duplicate and heal themselves.

Benefits of stem cell therapy

-       Increased treatment efficacy

-      Decreased frequency and duration of medication use

-      Reduced adverse effects from drug use

-      Reduced inflammation, escalated healing process, and stabilized immune functions

        At the moment, the use of stem cells for treating animals with multiple diseases, such as ulcerative keratitis, dry eyes, osteoarthritis, tendon injuries, spinal cord injuries, including allergic dermatitis, has been used worldwide. Our stem cell therapy center of Hospetal by PRS center is ready for stem cell implantation, using a laboratory with biological safety level 2, experienced personnels, and quality-controlled, sterile stem cells to improve our pets’ quality of life