Neurology Center

Neurological conditions can occur at any part of the body: the brain, spinal cord, spine, including the nerves. The abnormalities can be caused by natural processes, accident, congenital defect, infection, or even traumatic injury; mentioned conditions can generate multiple symptoms, such as hemiplegia, gait imbalance, head tilt, circular walking motion, seizure, muscle weakness, or even quadriplegia.
To work up neurological conditions, we need advanced technologies to help diagnose our patients e.g. x-ray, CT scan, MRI scan, accompanied by assessment by veterinary neurologist. The diagnosis can be made through examining multiple aspects, including perception, response, standing, and walking.
The Neurological and movement center in Hospetal by PRS center is equipped with staff and veterinary neurologists to be at service and help treat your pets for better quality of life.