Pet Skin and Allergy Center



                Dermatologic and allergy clinic by HOSPETAL By PRS enter can help you diagnose and treat pets with dermatologic, ear canal, and hair diseases, including skin allergy and hormone-related skin diseases. Our veterinarians are more than ready to give you advice and help you diagnose your pets with well-prepared and advanced technologies, bringing us to the right diagnosis and proper management.

Skin diseases diagnosis service

  • Skin diseases
  • Parasitic skin infection
  • Fungal, yeast, and bacterial skin infection
  • Ear canal and otoscopic examination
  • Bacterial culture service
  • Hormone-related skin diseases
  • IgE completed-related hypersensitivity investigation  << click for further information>>


“hydrotherapy is one of the modalities for medical treatment”
For healthy skin and hair
bathing in Hydro Milk, which is water infused with oxygen bubbles smaller than skin pores,
can proficiently help improve your pets’ skin and hair conditions.