Another service we would like to offer is pet boarding; there are multiple room sizes, including modern-styled VVIP rooms for big-sized canines.

            You can also stay in with your pets round the clock. We also have veterinarians to offer you advice on boarding, and also compassionate caregivers.

            Conveniently reached, our center is located on Rama IX road, with parking spaces for our customers.

Beside our excellent care and service by trained and tenderhearted staff. The hotel is also equipped with multiple accommodations in the hotel, to answer their needs. There are also many health-promoting activities for all pets. This is truly a one-stop service for our canine and feline friends.
To book our Pet hotel

          1) Contact 085-164-6262

             Line : @hospetalbyprs หรือคลิก

         2) Notify your payment to us, and also keep your transaction record

         3) Pet owners need to pay a total expense on the day boarding the pet, fill in the information about your pet for us, for emergency situations.
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