Thailand’s premier pet wellness center, HOSPETAL by PRS center center has been pioneering the Western concept of “Family Doctor” in the country, in which a general
practitioner becomes a partner of his/her patient, the doctor would have detailed
medical history, understand the lifestyle and behavior of the patient, having a duty to
diagnose his/her patient before referring them to the specialists. This method is
believed to be more effective in treating patients elaborately and carefully.

Not only is our team eager to get to know your four-legged friends, but we will also get to know you so that together we could provide them with the best possible care. Our recommendations do not just concern the treatments you could get at the hospital, but they extend to how you could take care of your pets at home and providing 24/7 support where needed. The best suited recommendations are made not only according to holistic medicine, but also to your lifestyle.
The service, which we will offer to you, ranges from newborn supervision to end-of-life care.
Your four-legged friends will be provided with hygiene, vaccination, supplements,
along with physical therapy, exercises, and treatment from specialists, equipped with
result-driven and safe technologies.
Our goal is to develop our team to be knowledgeable, understanding, and to be
of service with empathy, an environment of warmth and sense of welcome to your
ailing friends, pet owners, and our staff. We aimed to take care of everyone in our
facility like a “family”

Better together with HOSPETAL GANG

Things are always better with family. We are glad to introduce our 4 members of Hospetal Gang, welcoming every family that would kindly come to our pet healthcare facility.
a celebrity cat, intelligent and he would tell you all about our doctor’s mission.


our beloved senior member, kind and famous among doctors,
as he took good care of his own health.
energetic and friendly, eager to take you on a tour around Hospetal
a sleepyhead, loves to frown for attention,
but with his chubby build and his loyalty, he’d be adored by most people.
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