Pet Endocrine Center

Endocrine system is an internal system regulating many functions in the body, both in humans and animals. When the system is damaged, many abnormalities in the body's balance follow. Most found endocrine diseases are diabetes, thyroid disorders, and adrenal gland diseases.

            Our pets have as much chance of having diabetes as humans do. The disease is caused by pancreas not producing enough insulin, or the body becomes resistant to the insulin. Thus, the body cannot properly utilize received sugar, elevating the blood sugar level. If left untreated, the pets can be under metabolic acidosis and many other adverse events, possibly leading to mortality.

            Thyroid gland is one of the most important endocrine organs for the body’s metabolism. Many dogs are found with hypothyroidism; the symptoms include shortness of breath, inactivity, weight gain, being unable to exercise for a long period of time, while most cats are diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, giving them weight loss, irritability, muscle weakness, heart hypertrophy, tachyarrhythmia.

            Apart from mentioned two disorders, there are also other endocrinological conditions, for example: adrenal gland disorders, pituitary gland diseases. Animals with endocrinological disorders usually cannot get rid of the condition completely with management, but rather need life-long treatment. While this sounds alarming to most pet owners, with proper management and care, the diseases can be well-controlled to give our pets the best quality and longevity of life they can have.

            Diabetic and endocrine center of Hospetal by PRS center is handled by experienced veterinary internal medicine specialists. They will guide you with instructions on how to take care of pets with endocrinologic conditions, insulin and other medication uses, dietary control, including proper exercise for pets with endocrinologic diseases.


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