Exclusive Cat Health Check-Up for 1,499 Baht


Exclusive Cat Health Check-Up for 1,499 Baht

"Health Check-Up Package"

For Cats

Health Check-Up Program for Cats: 1,499 Baht

Physical Examination by a Veterinarian

- Coat condition
- Heart auscultation
- Lung auscultation
- Oral and dental check
- Trachea check in cats
- Anal gland check in cats
- Preliminary ear condition and earwax check
- Preliminary eye examination
- Paw and moisture condition check
- Overall muscle examination
- Preliminary skin disease screening

Blood Test Panel (7 items)
- Complete Blood Count (CBC)
- Blood Parasite
- Kidney function (BUN / Creatinine)
- Liver function (ALT, AST, ALK)
- Blood protein levels (Total Protein/Albumin)
- Blood sugar level (Glucose)
- FIV/FeLV Test Kit (screening for Feline AIDS and Leukemia)

Note: Pets may need to fast (no food or water) for at least 6-8 hours before the examination.

Please follow the veterinarian's instructions to ensure accurate and safe test results for your furry friend.

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