Urgent Check! Dog's Retained Baby Teeth Refusing to Fall Out, Overlapping - Potential Risks!


Urgent Check! Dog's Retained Baby Teeth Refusing to Fall Out, Overlapping - Potential Risks!

Getting to know about retained deciduous teeth.


The retained deciduous teeth condition occurs when baby teeth do not naturally fall out as permanent teeth begin to emerge. This situation can be attributed to various factors, including the absence of corresponding permanent teeth or the presence of adult teeth lodged underneath. Commonly affected teeth by this issue are the canine teeth.

"For dogs, deciduous teeth typically begin to shed, and permanent teeth start to emerge around the age of 5-7 months. Retained deciduous teeth can lead to health issues related to the teeth and mouth, such as gum inflammation, periodontal pockets, bad breath, and plaque accumulation in the interdental spaces. Most importantly, retained deciduous teeth may cause misalignment or malocclusion of permanent teeth, affecting the dog's ability to chew food properly in the future. In cases of retained deciduous teeth, it may be necessary to extract them to facilitate the eruption of permanent teeth. If your pet has retained deciduous teeth, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian for guidance and appropriate treatment."

Double teeth are commonly found in small dog breeds.

Breeds prone to this condition include.

If your dog has double teeth, you should take the following steps

  • Take your dog to consult with a veterinarian. The veterinarian will be able to examine the dental and gum condition of the dog and recommend appropriate treatment methods. In some cases, tooth extraction may be necessary, especially for deciduous teeth that do not fall out naturally. Tooth extraction should be performed by an experienced veterinarian.
  • After treatment, it is essential to regularly care for your dog's teeth.
  • Brush your dog's teeth at least once a week, but ideally, you should brush them every day.

Treating retained deciduous teeth helps prevent future health issues related to the teeth and mouth.

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