The chubby and adorable round cat hides a lurking danger


The chubby and adorable round cat hides a lurking danger

The chubby and adorable round

cat is cute but at risk of health problems.

Although an overweight cat may be cute, excessive weight can lead to various health problems, especially in cats that have a hearty appetite, resulting in potential diseases

Diabetes Mellitus Cats with diabetes often exhibit symptoms such as increased water consumption, frequent urination, excessive hunger, and increased food intake. However, despite increased appetite, they

Feline lower urinary tract disease Cats with urinary system disorders often exhibit behaviors such as frequent entering and exiting the litter box, urinating in areas they haven't used before in the home, assuming a crouching posture, experiencing pain during urination (often accompanied by vocalization), excessive grooming of the genital area, and urination with blood, which may appear pink or dark in color

Osteoarthritis Cats with bone and joint inflammation often experience difficulty moving, pain, increased sensitivity to pressure or touch, fever, weakness, and weight loss. Applying pressure to the affected areas may exacerbate the pain symptoms

Endocrine system disease Cats with diseases of the endocrine system, especially hyperthyroidism, often exhibit symptoms such as weight loss, restlessness, muscle weakness, and an enlarged heart

I recommend controlling and measuring the food for your little ones in an amount suitable for their age and weight, as indicated by the feeding guidelines on the packaging of the cat food product

Including the use of cat toys to stimulate your little one to run and chase various objects, following their natural hunting instincts, not only provides physical exercise but also contributes positively to their mental well-being, reducing stress and promoting enjoyment

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